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KICVentures is a private investment company founded in 2005 by Dr. Kingsley Chin. Dr. Chin is uniquely experienced at the intersection of medicine, business and information technology that allows KICVentures to invest in niche opportunities in medical technology, healthcare services, diagnostics and digital health platforms. KICVentures maintains its headquarters in Boston.
Our leadership and emerging managers bring over 50 years of combined experience in healthcare, operations and investments leveraging the KICVentures playbook and standard operating procedures in building our portfolio.
Managing Partner
Dr. Kingsley Chin was born in Jamaica. He has degrees from Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and four diplomas from Harvard Medical School with honors. Prior to medical school, he worked as an IT consultant in financial services at Accenture in New York and gained experience in healthcare insurance at Cigna, and portfolio management at Goldman Sachs. Dr. Chin is an actively practicing board-certified orthopedic and spine surgeon, which allows him to build on his commitment to perfecting outpatient techniques, technologies and best practices for superior outcomes.
Aditya Humad
Managing Partner
Aditya Humad is Managing Partner and CFO of KICVentures, where he has worked on a wide variety of healthcare transactions with a particular focus in medical devices, healthcare services, real estate and mobile technology. He has spent over 10 years at the intersection of finance, turnaround operations and healthcare technology and is now an operator turned emerging fund manager. He is currently in an executive leadership role or serving on the Board of the following portfolio companies: SpineFrontier, AxioMed, LESS Institute, SenseDriver Technologies, LES Society. Prior to KICVentures, he worked on Wall Street at JPMorgan’s Investment Bank in New York focused on healthcare M&A, capital raise and restructuring transactions. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Management & Technology Program, earning a Bachelors from both the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering.
Shyam desigan
Shyam Desigan, was born in India and maintains strong knowledge of business in India to help us apply our SOPs in the most cost-effective manner. He brings a rich global healthcare experience having worked within Healthcare in India and CIS in addition to developing hospitals and surgery centers within US. Shyam joined KICVentures in 2014.

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