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KICVentures is a private investment company founded in 2005 by Harvard-trained physician, Professor Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, who brings unique experiences at the intersection of medicine, business and information technology. KICVentures is therefore equipped with a strong advantage to identify niche healthcare opportunities. We are headquartered in Boston, Mass.
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Dr. Kingsley R. CHIN
Founder, Managing Partner & CEO
Dr. Kingsley R. Chin has an inimitable combination of life experiences, from humble beginnings in Jamaica to the best Ivy League education and training at Columbia University, Harvard Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania, with business exposure at Fortune 500 companies like AT&T Bell Labs, Arthur Anderson Consulting, Goldman Sachs and Cigna Insurance. He has over 10 years of experience as a CEO, and he raised and deployed over $190 million in capital. His unique career in healthcare technology has spanned over 28 years.
Dr. Chin is the embodiment of finding ways to succeed against all odds and being a quick study. He is fanatic about time management and organization. Dr. Chin learned an important lesson when the internet bubble burst in 2000, amid launching the first internet based healthcare distant learning company, MeduWeb.com (Medical Education on the Web), which Dr. Chin founded with two MIT software engineers. He bounced back with his invention of medical devices, starting several more healthcare companies – including Mantis Inc., a less invasive pedicle screw technology company, which he sold to Stryker in a multimillion dollar deal in 2005. Flush with capital, he founded KICVentures.
Dr. Chin made the bold decision to remain an actively practicing board certified orthopedic and spine surgeon, because of the unique perspective it provides in understanding the market and making investment decisions – which no other investment firm leadership is capable of. Today, he has 40+ patents, has treated 25,000+ patients, completed 5,000+ procedures, published 80+ peer reviewed articles, and is a professor and public speaker who dedicates two days each week to seeing patients, a full day to surgery and 24/7 to the business of medicine.
To Dr. Chin, leadership is empowering a team to make the impossible possible. Dr. Chin’s ethos is embodied in the KIC acronym of KICVentures: Acquire the necessary knowledge, take strategic initiatives and close. He believes he owes it to society to achieve the greatest level of success humanly possible, every day. Review his CV here
Dr. Chin is the author of the following books:
Aditya Humad
Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CFO
Aditya Humad has spent over 10 years at the intersection of finance, turnaround operations and healthcare technology, and is now an operator turned emerging fund manager. He has worked on a wide variety of healthcare transactions with a particular focus in medical devices, healthcare services, real estate and mobile technology. Prior to his involvement with KICVentures, he worked on Wall Street at J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank in New York, focusing on healthcare M&A, capital raise and restructuring transactions. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Management & Technology Program, earning a bachelor's degree from both the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering.
Dr. Kingsley R. Chin and Aditya Humad met at the University of Pennsylvania in 2003, later joining forces to become managing partners of KICVentures. With his integration into the company, Aditya brought years of exposure in healthcare investing, adding undeniable value to Dr. Chin's consulting, management and healthcare expertise. This is of tremendous advantage as they approach every decision together. Review his CV here

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